Joy of Being You
Joy of Being You

Reach deep inside and find a connection to your true self. You are invited to a shared journey of inner work and collaborative learning. 

Joy of Being You is a 10-week online course of 9 guided meditations, 5 group meetings and free flow of journaling together with your pair. The journey starts on November 15, 2020.

I am Harriet Fagerholm, your co-creative guide and creator of the journey.

Joy of Being You - 
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Benefits & Outcomes
Joy of Being You journey
About me
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Benefits & Outcomes

Live through your heart – The greatest joy, wisdom and trust come from the heart. Learn to listen to it and let it guide you.

Improve emotional intelligence – Understand your emotions, recognise limiting emotional and belief patterns and learn to feel pure feelings.

Strengthen your relationships – Everything in life happens in relationships, and so does the Joy of Being You journey. Improve your relational intelligence and create a closer, truer connection with the people in your life, especially with your partner. 

Liberate creative expression – Invite more self-expression and creativity in your life. Get to know your creative genius.

Learn to make wiser and better decisions – Your heart and true feelings tell you what is valuable in life. The truth liberates all. 

Increase self-knowledge – Understanding yourself is a gate to self-appreciation and self-love. Refresh your self-image and awaken to your true self.

Learn a new conscious culture – A co-creative community with a culture of caring and truthful expression is here to support you. Take the culture from the course to your family and work community.

Heal and transform – Overcome feelings of fear and separation, heal your emotional wounds, increase your wellbeing and get empowered to change your life.

The heart is made for expansion…
In other words it is limitless.
How often can you say that
about anything in your world?
And because it has the capacity to expand,
it can do much more in you and through you
than you can comprehend.
It innately knows what to do.
Yours is simply to allow it.
The benefits for you… They too are limitless.

 Marian Cerdeira
A Slice of Light

Joy of Being You journey

Joy of Being You is a 10-week online course with nine weekly guided meditations, five online group meetings and free flow of journaling together with your pair in the Joy of Being You space. The course is organized on the Sutra platform.

Joy of Being You space

The journey happens in a co-creative space where we inspire each other to reach insights we could never have accessed on our own. One participant expressed her experience of the shared space like this:

"With my pair it was a very interesting ‘ride on a healing wheel’. Her fire was my fire, her questions stirred my questions, her new insights inspired my new insights – and vice versa. There was much freedom, absolute honesty, and a lot of joy all the way through. I felt truly honored to witness her process and was grateful to share mine. It was like a Dance. She danced her Dance and I danced mine, side by side, laughing, crying – absolutely alive and thriving."

Guided meditations

Meditations guide you to a space within, where you can explore yourself, your thoughts and your emotions from a higher perspective. Each of the nine meditations lasts about 10 minutes and has its own theme. You are committed to listening to the meditations 2-3 times a week.

The themes of the meditations are the following:

  • Week 1: Holding space for yourself – Exploring the relationship to trust and the source within
  • Week 2: Connect to your body – Become aware of the wisdom in your body
  • Week 3: Listen to your heart – Align your actions with your inner wisdom
  • Week 4: What do you feel – Label your feelings to liberate yourself from reactive patterns
  • Week 5: Embrace your shadow – Accept your emotional wounds and unpleasant feelings
  • Week 6: Letting go – Consciously release old emotional patterns and feelings
  • Week 7: Gratitude and forgiveness – Overcome your inner critic through deep self appreciation
  • Week 8: See your own beauty – Celebrate your authentic being
  • Week 9: Open up to self-love and commit to feeling Joy of Being You every day


When the human being creates, she experiences the deepest joy. Joy follows the strong feeling of using your own capacities to the fullest.

After listening to a meditation you start journaling freely. This is your tool for creative self-expression of your feelings, sensations, thoughts, needs and experiences. Writing is a powerful tool to communicate with ourselves as Divine. Who am I? What is my true nature? What is my creative potential? Especially in times of uncertainty and stress, building a strong writing practice gives you a solid foundation in life. 

Journey with a partner

We need a witness and a mirror from another person to really see ourselves. We exist in a relationship, and relationships offer the possibility for real transformation and personal evolution. This is why you share the Joy of Being You process with a partner – either someone familiar or someone you meet on the course.

You and your partner share your texts with each other in a circle that is private for just the two of you. You also feel, sense and reflect the texts of your partner and respond to them. It is not about commenting or giving feedback, but about expressing what your partner’s texts evoke in you.

Group meetings

All Joy of Being You participants come together in five Zoom video meetings. These meetings will be organized both in English and in Finnish.

Group meetings are again about witnessing and being witnessed. Everyone has a chance to express themselves freely and share things with other participants. After sharing, there is space for free discussion. 

Weekly stretch

As an additional reading material to deepen your exploration, there is my e-book Letters to Myself with Love. The chapters of the book help you to travel towards freedom and opening up: get to know yourself, feel the direction, be present, you are what you believe, dare to take a leap of faith, listen to your heart and open yourself to love. 

Description of the journey

  1. You do the journey with a pair or in a triad of people. You can invite your partner, a friend, team mate or anybody suitable and trustworthy for sharing this intimate space during ten weeks of journaling. If you don't have a pair yet, please send me an e-mail to and I will pair you up when possible. Add some information about yourself and your life situation.  
  2. You receive a 10-minute audio every week (9 weeks) with a guided meditation and you are committing to listening to the audio 2-3 times per week and journal in your private pair circle in Sutra. During the last week you gather the fruit of the whole journey. 
  3. There is additional reading material (my e-book Letters to myself with Love), videos and prompts added to the weekly content to inspire and deepen your exploration. 
  4. The audios and materials are in English, but you can journal in any language in the Sutra circle. All texts remain private between you and your pair.
  5. There are five group meetings for all participants on Zoom (1.5 hours per meeting) available in English and Finnish. English meetings are on Mondays Nov 23, Dec 7, Dec 21, Jan 4 and Jan 18 at 7-8:30 PM EEST. Finnish meetings are on Thursdays Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 17, Jan 7 and Jan 14 at 7-8:30 PM EEST. Recordings will be available.
  6. You need to reserve time around 2-3 hours per week for the journey. Committing to your pair is something you need to be able to honor. The process can bring you challenging stuff to deal with and suddenly you can feel too stressed out and want to leave the commitment. Please, don't let this stop you. The group is there to support you. 
  7. Groups in 2021 start on February 7 and March 14. The normal price of participation will be 395 USD. 

About me

I am Harriet Fagerholm, an experienced guide into the mysteries of co-creation and feminine wisdom. I’m a midwife for inner transformation, emotional healing, self-awareness, liberation of creative expression and embodied leadership. I am a pedagogical innovator with deep understanding and expertise on how to design optimal learning experiences. 

Over 15 years of studying co-creation have resulted in a practical tool for self- and group-awareness called InTune. I have worked in long-term client relationships with both women and men, in one on one coaching with leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives as well as in group coaching with educators and business owners. My special gift according to my clients is to create a safe space for truthful self-inquiry where there is wisdom, love and the presence of a higher truth holding the space. In this transformative space, you can face and heal issues you didn't know were blocking you. The power of the sacred feminine is present in the whole process and joy is a natural outcome.

Before starting my coaching business, I worked for 13 years at the University of Applied Sciences developing a student-centered collaborative learning community. I’m a trained coach in empowerment, cultural transformation (CTT) and emotional heredity work. My academic degree is in business MSc (Econ.) with the focus on international marketing. After living in Indonesia as a student, I wrote my Master’s thesis on how cultural differences affect business relationships. Cultural evolution and becoming aware of how our world view and deep underlying values and beliefs affect our way of being and relating with others, have been my areas of interest since early adulthood.

I live in Helsinki, Finland with my husband. I’m a mother of two adult children, 27 and 24 years old. I love being a crone woman at the age of 54 motivating people to step into their power to make an impact with their wisdom and embodied knowledge.

My Joy of Being podcast: 


My story

My own journey to find my joy of being started after hitting the wall very hard in 2004 at the age of 38. I heard an inner voice say: change or die. I chose life and healing could start. The journey has been spiraling around going inside myself to find my own truth, reconnecting with my feminine essence, joining small groups for sharing genuine feelings and, last but not least, increasing creative self-expression. Now I can say with confidence that we need all these aspects in the recovery from trauma, depression, anxiety or any illness that has shown up to be our teacher in life. We can heal in a community and we get empowered through creative self-expression of our authentic selves.

Creating and facilitating this Joy of Being You journey is where I feel deep existential joy and a connection to my authentic self. I do what I love to do. I completed the journey myself with three different persons, including my husband of 27 years. For me it was a truly empowering experience. Our relationship evolved to a new level, and we could clear out old stuff that had cluttered our shared space and invite more connection, mutual respect and love.

I struggled for many years with my relationship to myself, there was self-blame, even self-hatred, and the depressions showed me time and again that I abandoned myself and my needs. Did I have a real sense of self-worth? No. The Joy of Being You process opened up a new world for me personally in such a meaningful way that I want to inspire others to take this possibility as well. It helped me liberate myself from the inner jail of negative self-talk and self-judgement I had unconsciously created. The outer success couldn't fill this inner emptiness. 

My life mission is to support the creation and cultivation of a Joy of Being You culture. Let's co-create joy and peace on Earth together. It starts with you and me!

With love,
Harriet Fagerholm


"During these 10 weeks of co-creation I have changed from being very tired and worried in periods to be energised and full of trust that Life and I are on a journey together step by step, moment to moment. Wounds have been healed which opened up for more appreciation, truth, sovereignty and freedom. My heart cracked open for more love, what a treasure! As a result of this journey I even found what I truly like to experience in my life. This journey has been life changing! I’m so grateful!" 

- Karin

"My motivation to participate in Joy of Being You was to find a closer and truer inner connection with my partner. I wanted to see her in the most profound truth as possible. Joy of Being You seemed to be an extraordinary possibility to come nearer to the soul of my partner. And that wish was fulfilled!

In the range of Joy of Being You you will have all the space and the time to see your partner in a more accurate truth. You both will have all the time and the space that you need to reflect the post(-s) of your partner very carefully. This is less possible in a direct talk or discussion. More so, you will have the possibility to choose your own words carefully too, so that they may express the truest feelings of your heart. In this mix of posts, meditations and your own feeling, you will find a literally deeper and truer connection with your partner.

After a while, I realized that what I had expected to experience in the relationship with my partner occured to me with myself, too. When I read my own previous posts I often was amazed about what this man had written. Joy of Being You gave me a new and more accurate picture of myself than I had before. I often felt respect for the one who had written my journaling. So Joy of Being You does not only open doors to someone else but simultaneously to yourself as well! I am delighted! “

- Hans

''Joy of Being You far exceeded my expectations (in fact I was a bit sceptical!). The focus of sharing my journaling with a partner, having tender concern for her & feeding back to her journaling actually took me deeper into my own experience of self-appreciation as well. I felt a shift into ''Lightness of Being'' by week 5 which progressed by week 8 into Self-Love... this Joy of Being You came like a miracle! Divine Intervention... This beautiful shared journey & Harriet's gentle facilitation pulled a depressed me up into my 'Joy of Being'.'' Highly recommended.”

- Sue

“In our 7th year of relationship, I fell into a crisis and needed a break because I had the feeling that so much of what I had offered was not seen and not heard. We had nothing to lose and therefore were willing to try Joy of Being You. To commit and write 3 times a week was the best thing that could happen to us (as talking was not working well anymore). These beautiful (not long) meditations gently guided us back into our hearts. We were invited to express ourselves in a very honest way. In this intimate space, much healing for both of us happened and today, we stand on a more authentic and loving ground. I truly can recommend this transforming journey.”

- Vini 

"I personally got through some very dark times and depression during the process. Every time I did Joy of Being You sessions, they got me back on my feet and made me feel like my true self. I managed to find a lot of memories and experiences that I hadn't dealt with yet – even though I've been "cleaning the house" a lot. Joy of Being You gave me courage to face all the shadows that came up in my life and from within.

What made the process one of the most important experiences of my conscious path was finding a strong connection to my heart. I learned to listen to its deepest dreams and desires, and create myself a life where they become true. My heart and my emotions became my best navigation tools.

Harriet is an extremely professional facilitator and one of the most good-hearted and lovely persons I've ever met. With her Joy of Being You meditations, she creates a space which connects us with very high-dimensional frequencies and assists us in bringing our higher selves into our daily lives. This space and the process are exactly what the awakening world needs right now – and something the world has definitely not seen yet."

- Katarina

"Joy of Being You helped me to unleash more of my inner potential and joy. I jumped into the process with little experience of meditation and in the beginning second questioned my skill in that, but soon I realised that I have no need to doubt myself. The process was smooth and the weekly meditations and journaling tasks were easy to follow. I learned to sense, name and manage emotions through my body. I got courage to make visible my doubts, fears and joy and to embrace them. After the Joy of Being You experience I feel more confident to convey my feelings in my behaviour, instead of neglecting or hiding them. I want to encourage you to discover the Joy of Being You, no matter how experienced or familiar you are with meditation or self-awareness. If I was able to do it, there is no doubt that you wouldn't!

- Sakari

“Joy of Being You training has been very good for me. The present energy coming to Earth these days is very strong and demands important karma to be released. Letting go of control and the need for me to be so responsible for others was my heaviest karma job to do. It has been a big part of my identity as well, so it was a huge armour I was wearing.  My partner here has helped me a lot by being the opposite of me and having the same spiritual language to share with.

I reached the bottom so to speak, feeling myself being outside, depressed, and asking who am I now when I am not the old me. I realized that the new me is like a baby that has to learn it all from start now. Now I am more on top again and feel happy having all my good memories intact and loving both the good, bad and ugly about being me.

Joy of Being You has helped me a lot, so BIG thanks to Harriet and my pair.”

- Lisbeth, 70 yrs, Background as a Line Manager in International Finance and trained Psychotherapist (Denmark)

“Joy of Being You was an adventure to my mind and my true self. The journey helped me rediscover myself and develop from a shy, quiet and insecure girl to a joyful, confident and chatty woman. I learned to actually listen to myself and put my needs first. I got courage to talk about my feelings and my opinions, instead of hiding them deep inside.

The meditations were powerful and easy to follow. Harriet truly is an inspiring, amazing and kind-hearted person, and I was so lucky to be her partner on the journey. I would recommend Joy of Being You to anyone who is willing to take a leap to themselves to learn, perceive, discover and to love. This is the journey you won’t regret taking.”

- Kristina

"Joy of Being You was an intriguing journey that in the end, brought me back to the most important jewel of my being - my self worth. I have never felt it with such a depth that I feel it now. I feel like I am ready to truly receive all the good in my life, because now I truly feel that I deserve it. This journey is about what you make of it. You truly get as much as you give to it. You can take it lightly or with great depth. Your choice. I got what I wanted and what I struggled most with at the beginning - the recognition of my inner beauty. Thank you Harriet for midwifing more of my spirit here."

- Nina